Ford heats up police SUVs to 133 degrees to kill COVID-19

It kills more than 99% of disease-causing germs

Ford's heated sanitization software for police vehicles

(CNN/Gray News) – The coronavirus pandemic has made disinfecting law enforcement vehicles a major issue for police departments.

Ford has unveiled a new software tool that basically bakes COVID-19 and other germs to death inside the automaker’s Police Interceptor Utility vehicle.

"This software solution enables vehicles to elevate passenger compartment temperatures beyond 133 degrees Fahrenheit, hotter than Death Valley on its hottest day, for 15 minutes – long enough to help disinfect vehicle touchpoints,” a press release says.

That kills more than 99% of disease-causing germs.

Hazard lights and taillights signal when the process has begun and when it's complete.

A cool-down process brings the temperature back to normal.

Ford tested the software on police vehicles in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Michigan, Massachusetts and Ohio.

It’s now available for all 2013-2019 Police Interceptor vehicles, which is a version of the Ford Explorer SUV.

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