Altice USA/Suddenlink responds to Batesville customers’ complaints

Batesville residents, city officials express anger with Altice USA/Suddenlink

Now, just a little over 60 miles away, the community of Batesville is expressing that same outrage.

“Suddenlink has had years to fix these problems. People have been complaining to me personally about these issues for years and they have gone unresolved for so many people," Batesville Councilman Thomas Bryant said.

Bryant posted to Facebook, asking citizens to send their complaints on Suddenlink to the city. The post now has close to 600 shares, resulting in over 100 emails.

Attention all Suddenlink customers: The City of Batesville is compiling a list of complaints concerning Suddenlink’s...

Posted by Thomas E. Bryant on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Bryant says the complaints range from service to billing and just unreliable customer service.

While he has only experienced small connectivity issues, he says he has been approached by many who say something needs to be done, especially since this is a state franchise agreement.

One citizen told Bryant it’s their responsibility to speak up for them.

“The citizens of Batesville elected me and our other councilman, as well as the mayor to be their voice, to be their representatives. They haven’t had any luck with their voices bring heard. As a city, if we can represent the city and make their voices heard, maybe we can institute change," Bryant said.

As they continue to receive complaints, the city will start to send them to Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office. Her office has asked the city to get all of its complaints on paper.

“The Attorney General’s Office said they will take a serious look at them and see if they believe they need to intervene in the situation on behalf of the people of Arkansas," Bryant said.

Janet Meahan, a spokesperson for Altice USA/Suddenlink, said in a statement Monday, June 1:

We value our longstanding relationship with Batesville, where we have invested in our network and services to bring our customers 1 gigabit broadband speeds, our Altice One entertainment platform, and our Altice Mobile service, which is available at extremely competitive pricing. We are committed to delivering superior connectivity services and support to our local customers and look forward to working with the mayor to address any concerns.
Janet Meahan, Altice USA/Suddenlink spokesperson

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