Heartland boy saves family from nearly drowning on kayak trip

Heartland boy saves family from almost drowning

PATTERSON, Mo. (KFVS) - What was meant to be a relaxing Memorial Day weekend kayaking down a river, almost turned into a nightmare for one Heartland family.

It was at Sam A. Baker State Park, that 15-year-old Andrew Morgan jumped into action to save his family.

“I saw them flip over and my first reaction was to get over there. I was screaming the guy’s name and they were fixing to flip because I knew it, as soon as they hit it, water rushed everywhere, and they flipped over," said Morgan.

He said once his two cousins’ hit the fallen tree he knew they needed help.

“I ran around the other end, I saw one of them come out. I ran and I got them. Thankfully, the other one came out and I grabbed them both and drug them both to the shore. Thankfully, it wasn’t that deep, but that current was swift,” he said.

He said after getting them to shore they called 911.

“We had to call for some authorities to come get us cause we couldn’t walk cross this part, about seven or eight feet maybe and the swift current. So, they finally got a boat and we got across," said Morgan.

He said they are doing better.

“They actually went to the emergency room. The little kid had a little bit of pneumonia, not enough to hurt him. The other one got a little bit of water in her lungs and they got her some medication and they both are doing fine," he said.

Morgan’s cousin, Shaina, went on Facebook to thank him for saving her and her son’s life that day.

“I really wasn’t wanting any pride. I just saw them and I knew what I had to do and I drug them out. Thankfully, everyone is safe,” he said.

After what his family has been through, Morgan has a piece of advice.

“One, wear your life jacket and two, make sure older more experienced people go first to make sure everything is okay," he said.

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