Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex Committee discusses partnership with private investor

Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex Committee discusses partnership with private sector

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex Committee held its second meeting Thursday and spoke with a private investment company.

Committee chairman Bob Robertson said the committee and P3 Investments discussed options to present to the Jonesboro City Council and the Finance Committee.

“They were discussing the options that we had that we can present to the city council on getting the range completed and starting off as one continuous project from start to finish,” said Robertson.

If the partnership is approved by the city, the private investment company will finish building the range, finance and lease it back to the city once everything is completed.

The cost of the project can then be broken into a budgetable amount for the city each year.

The city will also not have to start payments on the complex until it is completed.

The complex will not only offer rifle and pistol ranges, but trap and skeet ranges, an archery range, 3-D range for archery, concession, and a stocked fishing pond.

With the closest shooting sports complex in Batesville, the new complex will also allow shooters or archers in Northeast Arkansas and the surrounding areas a safe option for practice.

“The nice thing about the range is it’s going to give everyone a safe place to shoot,” said Robertson. “There’s a lot of new shooters looking for a place to be able to practice with their firearms. In the fall, it’ll give the hunters a place to sight their firearms in for the hunting season. Plus, a lot of people just enjoy shooting, it’s a popular sport.”

The range will also offer a huge revenue possibility for the city, with the ability to host tournaments in each shooting sport and style the complex offers.

P3 will be presenting different investment and finance options to the city council so they can vote on partnering with the company.

The goal is still to have the range open for public use by fall 2020.

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