Arkansas State alum Demario Davis: We have to change the way policing is done

Arkansas State alum Demario Davis: We have to change the way policing is done
The Saints Demario Davis fired up after a big defensive play.

NEW ORLEANS (KAIT) - Arkansas State football alum Demario Davis is one of the more prominent activists in the NFL.

The Saints linebacker uses his platform to shine a light on various causes beyond the gridiron. Davis appeared on the NFL Network Monday to talk about the nationwide unrest following the death of George Floyd.

“We can’t bring justice to these families. Justice would be bringing those people back and we can’t bring them back. The first thing we can do is try to honor those families. The way we honor those families specifically the Floyd family is making sure that all four of those officers are not just charged and arrested but convicted. Three of the officers haven’t been arrested but 1,600 people have been arrested since the protests began. That’s a problem and that continues to sweep the issue that exists under the rug."

Protests have continued across the nation, some non-violent, some have sparked violence. Protesters continue to speak out against police brutality. Davis says we have to change the way policing is done in our country.

“We know how to respond to crisis, we know how to respond to tragedies," Davis added. "Just think back to 9/11. 9/11 changed the way that we do airports. You’ll never walk into an airport and it’ll be the same. It was changed as a form of protection. We would never allow that situation to happen again in our country and that’s what we need to do around policing. We need to change the way that that we police so we won’t have these incidents come up again. Because every time it does it tears at the threads of America. It tears us apart.”

Davis also co-wrote an article on USA Today with Steve Kerr, Gregg Popovich, Anquan Boldin, & Andrew McCutchen.

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