Jonesboro holds prayer meeting with area pastors

The topic of prayer and discussion dealt with peace and healing.

Jonesboro holds prayer meeting with area pastors

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Pastors from around Jonesboro gathered at Jonesboro City Hall to pray Tuesday morning.

Mayor Harold Perrin says he started the prayer meeting with area pastors nearly 12 years ago.

Typically, they meet the third Thursday of each month, but Mayor Perrin believed they needed to have it again today.

Mayor Perrin and around 30 people including pastors, state representatives, and judges gathered outside City Hall this morning.

The main point of prayer was about peace and healing for the community and the country.

Mayor Perrin says it’s important for the community to know that pastors and their congregations are praying for the community and its leaders.

“Even though I’m mayor, I have to seek God’s guidance but also [the pastors], and that’s why I started this," Perrin said. "And more importantly, they can get the word out in their congregations quicker than anybody.”

Bishop Adrian Rodgers at Fullness of Joy Ministries says the meeting was “incredible” and encouraging.

“To be there together, praying for peace, and so on and so forth, I have been certainly blessed by the number of people who have come together to stand against this insanity and injustice,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers says he has been encouraged by the number of people of different races and from diverse backgrounds who have come together to protest peacefully.

He adds that the nation needs to come together as one to help injustice come to an end.

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