How to talk to children about upsetting news, graphic visuals

How to talk to children about upsetting news, graphic visuals
Cap;e Girardeau Library (Source: Tayler Davis)

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) -It’s an important time to talk to your children about what’s taking place in our country, and the Cape Girardeau Public Library wants to help.

Sharon Anderson with the Cape Girardeau Public Library said now’s an important time for parents to talk to their children about race.

“We’re not talking politics here, we’re talking children picture books,” Anderson said. “When parents don’t talk about it, kids fill in the blanks themselves. That’s when you have the likelihood of misinformation.”

Anderson put out a list of children’s books designed to help with that conversation.

"We've been trying to make the effort to have books that represent all kids in Cape Girardeau," she said.

They’re choosing books based on research. Research that shows, by the age of 3, kids start to identify their own cultural preference for kids who look like them. That’s why she says picking up books early is key.

She described, “Here’s one that’s called ‘I’m like me, you’re like me’ and it’s a book about understanding and appreciating each other because there are differences. It’s not fair to paint us all as one big paint brush.”

Anderson said reading books about all cultures and races helps kids learn empathy, and it's important right now they understand the world around them.

“Oh, the one tip is, even if the conversation is uncomfortable, you need to have the conversation. Help your children see so many people beyond your family,” she said.

If you liked to check out some of these books, you can log onto…/u…/2020/06/Read-About-Race.pdf

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