Seeking for voices to be heard fuels day 3 of Jonesboro protests

Protests Move into Day Three in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Protesters say they will not be discouraged and will continue to use their voices publicly when it comes to injustice.

“This is not a one-day event. We gone be out here every day in these streets, walking these streets until we get heard," Co-organizer Noah Smith said.

As protests entered the third day, it has been 8 days since the death of George Floyd.

“Even though it was George Floyd, it could have been easily one of our family members. We are out here for the black community, out here for the Hispanic community, anybody who doesn’t have a privilege or their voice can be heard. We are out here for you," Co-organizer Melissa Ingram said.

The organizers from Tuesday’s march explained that they know they are being noticed. But, they want the community to not just listen but actually hear them.

“We’re not thugs. We come in peace. We are not trying to be violent. We have a purpose behind this," Co-organizer Jason King said.

The group said they take it personally and everyone should too. Randy Wooten, another organizer, said the killing of George Floyd hit home.

“I had a family member get shot by a police officer and it touched the family hard. George touched home and I feel like he was one of my family members," Wooten said.

The march covered multiple city streets on Caraway Road and on to Highland Drive. Jonesboro Police Department stopped traffic so they could safely cross.

Halfway through their march, they kneeled in front of Kroger Marketplace on Caraway Road.

Samuel Sanders chanted, “we will not be" as the group followed with, “silenced” through a megaphone.

“There’s a lot of people who want us to be quiet, that doesn’t want us to stand up. That don’t want us to speak on our thoughts and feelings. They say the only way you get change is to talk about it and to do something about so we won’t be silenced any longer," Smith said.

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