Voter registration up 200-300% in Craighead County amid rallies

Voter registration up 200-300% in Craighead County amid rallies

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark. (KAIT) - While rallies and protests continue throughout Region 8, Craighead County has seen an uptick in people registering or renewing their voting information.

County Clerk Kade Holliday says in the past two to three weeks, people have registered because of the issues occurring right now.

Normally on a weekly basis, 50-60 people register. Now, that number has risen 200-300 percent.

Holliday said his office has seen people filling out new registrations, reactivating registrations, and updating information.

He says it’s happening a lot earlier in the year than normal.

“It’s happening much sooner in the cycle than you normally see it,” he says. “Normally, we don’t see a big uptick until August, September whenever it’s really in everybody’s mind that ‘Hey, the election is coming up. I really need to make sure I’m registered to vote.’ That’s when we really see a big uptick.”

Holliday says voting in local and state elections ensures your voice can be heard.

You can register or update your voter information by calling 870-933-4520 or clicking here and viewing your options under the ‘Elections’ tab.

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