Neighborhood pets shot with BB gun

Updated: Jun. 5, 2020 at 5:49 PM CDT
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - Nearly a half-dozen animals in a local neighborhood in Jonesboro have been shot with a BB gun, a woman said Friday.

A quarter-mile area of Sage Meadows has experienced a threat to their pets, according to resident Sarah Tipton.

“To see her in just so much pain was really hard. It really angered me,” she says. “Felt around her wound, and a BB came out.”

Tipton owns two cats and one dog. Her animal was injured, a white cat named Miss Fluffy Love Twinsbie.

She says the cat showed up two days ago, laying down meowing, walking with a limp.

Upon further inspection, Tipton found a gaping wound on the cat’s right back hip.

The next day, she took her to the vet. Now, she says she’s worried about other pets in the area.

“I’m fearful that if they’re doing this to an animal right now, a small, helpless animal,” she says. “What can they do later in life? What depravity will that lead to? What cruelty will that lead to?”

Tipton says a total of five animals have been injured in the same manner as her cat.

She filed a report with Jonesboro Animal Control who works to investigate the matter. She encourages others to come forward with information.

She says it’s a simple process that takes minimal time.

“You just describe the incident, dates, times. It doesn’t take more than five minutes,” she says. “If you have any pictures, any evidence, you obviously need to hand that over as well.”

She’s hopeful that neighbors in the Sage Meadows area choose to be proactive with the shootings.

“It’s not okay. It’s not okay and it needs to stop so I encourage any person who has any information to come forward and if there are any residents who know their animal has been impacted in this way, to come forward and file a report so we have this paper trail started, this case started," Tipton said.

To file a report with JAC, call 870-935-3920.

Northeast Arkansas Humane Society will also file a report of animal abuse for you by calling 870-932-5185.

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