As state moves toward Phase 2, mixed feelings about lifted restrictions

As state moves toward Phase 2, mixed feelings about lifted restrictions

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - State Representative Dan Sullivan said he was pleased with Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s announcement Wednesday, approving the entire state to move into Phase 2 effective June 15.

Sullivan says the governor has a hard job and things change daily, but this is a good move for everyone.

“It’s wonderful for the restaurants, they have the confidence," Sullivan said. “But, the consumer should also have confidence that the governor and our Department of Health Director feel that it’s safe to safe to move to Phase 2.”

Phase 2 will allow many places, like restaurants, to move to two-thirds capacity.

And while many have been calling for it to happen, the co-owner of The Edge Coffeehouse and Eatery says they are using Phase 2 to move into Phase 1.

Brian Nobles says it was just three weeks ago when they opened the coffeehouse to just take-out.

It originally took them some time to adjust to that style of service.

But, even with the lifting of restrictions, he says they are not opening their doors quite yet.

“It’s one of those things where until the numbers start to decline, we don’t feel that it’s in our best interest or in our patrons’ best interest. You know, this isn’t a very big place, it’s kind of close quarters and our capacity would leave us next to nothing anyway,” Nobles said. "Nothing against other places opening up, to each their own and it’s kind of a different story for each individual place.”

They have opened their outside patio, with limited seating for guests to enjoy.

In the meantime, Nobles says the chairs inside the coffeehouse will remain upside down until they feel that’s it’s safe and beneficial for the community and business.

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