People gather to participate in blackout unity photo shoot

People gather to participate in blackout unity photo shoot

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - On Thursday, more than 50 people met up in downtown Jonesboro to participate in a photo shoot, one they say represented unity.

In support of the Black Lives Matter moment, several community members dressed in all black and came out with their signs to show solidarity.

The organizers of the event say this is much different from a march and protest, in that, a picture is worth a thousand words.

They are hoping their pictures show the nation they are united, here in Jonesboro.

“It’s different to be seen walking down the street, it’s different to be seen holding up different signs, but, when you can make… The photo may be still, but they need to see there’s a lot of life behind that photo," co-organizer, Noah Smith said.

The group says they will continue to work hard and get things done to improve the lives of those impacted.

“The change starts with us and all we are trying to do is show that it’s possible and then let’s consistently do it," Jason King said.

Individual photos were also taken for a charge.

A percentage of those proceeds will be donated to the local Black Lives Matter movement for future events and projects.

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