Trumann Police Department awards woman for her help in saving a man from water tower

Trumann Police Department awards woman for her help in saving a man from water tower

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - During a city council meeting Tuesday, Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson gave one woman a Distinguished Merit Award for her help in saving a man from jumping from a water tower.

Jamie Clark was honored for her help and she says it takes a village to build a strong community.

“Officers play an important role in our community. They are called out to a lot of different situations and everyone has a job and a lot of times, the situation falls out of the realm of that job," Clark said.

Clark works for Gulley Bail Bonds. However, she says her job is more than just getting people out of jail.

“We’ve built a trust and rapport for a very long time, so if anybody can talk him down, then it’s going to be me," Clark said.

Tonight Gulley Bail Bonds along with the City of Trumann is honoring Jamie Clark. Jamie received an Award of...

Posted by Gulley Bail Bonds on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

In the moment of saving her client and what she called her friend, she said she could only think “there are two ways this is going to go, either good or bad."

Thankfully, she was able to talk him down and save his life and for that, Chief Chad Henson sends his praise.

“People like Jamie Clark, who monitors us, who comes up here and talks to us a lot. We are in touch with people like her. Many, many other citizens who step up and who help us," Henson said.

He also highlighted the fact that officers are tasked with many calls that, they, at times do need help.

“Society has a large problem with mental health and by default, law enforcement has to deal with that situation regardless if it’s on a water tower, or out of a city street on a side-walk or whatnot." Henson said.

He even hit on a very big subject across the nation, the question of what should truly be the responsibility of law enforcement.

“The conversation has come up in the last few days about reforming law enforcement and we are all ears. We don’t have a lot of the answers, we want the answers, we look for solutions. I think a lot of this reform, a lot of positive, can come from it," Henson said.

Henson says with the limited amount of officers in many departments, they can use all the help they can get.

“We don’t expect to be defunded, we expect some solutions to come our way, more training, more resources and we’re eager to see what happens," Henson said.

Jamie says she will continue to help, but she’s also challenging everyone to do the same.

“If everyone was more mindful, more compassionate and more thoughtful and had a true heart, then we would all live in a better world," Clark said.

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