Memphians witness deadly shooting of Rayshard Brooks by Atlanta police officer

Updated: Jun. 17, 2020 at 9:52 PM CDT
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ATLANTA (WMC) - An Atlanta police officer is charged with murder after the deadly shooting of a black man. Three witnesses to the entire ordeal were visitors from Memphis.

“They were scared to death. They witnessed an execution in their view point and saw someone die right in front of them,” said Shean Williams, attorney.

Shean William, seen at a news conference in Atlanta, is representing three Memphians who witnessed the shooting of Rayshard Brooks Friday night by Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe.

Rolfe was charged with the murder of Brooks on Wednesday.

Williams says one of the bullets hit the side of the white SUV the Memphians were in.

“They all witnessed the horrific shooting and death of Rayshard Brooks and if things turned out a different way, they could have lost their own lives,” said Williams.

Brooks was at a Wendy’s restaurant, asleep in his car near the drive-through, when police were called.

Officers talked with him for quite some time. But Officer Rolfe said he was arresting Brooks, he ran, grabbing the officer’s taser and pointing it at them.

The killing of Brooks happened about 10 feet from the Memphians’ SUV.

Williams says Memphis rappers Melvin Evans and Michael Perkins were in Atlanta to record with rapper Pastor Troy.

Williams says they had not been in Atlanta long when they decided they were hungry and the Wendy’s was the only place open.

“Emotionally they are not doing well. They’re shaken up. They are getting a lot of attention they don’t want. They understand and appreciate that it’s necessary and their efforts to get justice for the Rayshard Brooks’ family,” said Williams.

Shean Williams says now is not the time to comment on why he was hired. He will appear at a news conference in Atlanta Thursday morning, along with the two Memphis men who are expected to talk.

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