Ole Miss will relocate Confederate monument on campus

The monument will be moved to the University Cemetery

Historic vote to relocate Confederate monument on Ole Miss campus

OXFORD, Miss. (WMC) - After a years-long fight the University of Mississippi will relocate the Confederate monument that’s in a prominent position on campus.

Thursday morning the University of Mississippi received approval from the Institutions of Higher Learning to relocate the Confederate monument that stands on the center of campus.

Students and alumni of Ole Miss say it’s about time.

“This is a long time coming, this statue needs to come down, it needed to be down a long time ago. It never should of gone up,” said David McDowell, UM Alumni.

“A relief to know that after all this time of being sat on that it’s finally getting moved,” said Kelsa Pellettiere, UM Grad student.

The monument will be moved to the University Cemetery.

In the consent agenda it states, “The Confederate monument will be accessible by a newly-laid brick path surrounded by trees and enhanced with lighting.”

Last year we talked with the first African American female Rhodes scholar for Ole Miss, who led the call for the relocation of the monument, Arielle Hudson.

She says it was difficult to describe why the university gave such importance to the monument.

“I was one of the people giving tours to prospective African American students and their families. And so, when you’re giving a tour on the campus and you’re having to walk by that statue, that’s a very hard story to sell or even tell someone as to why it’s still there,” said Arielle Hudson, former UM student.

In a statement the university says, "Now is the time for change as we strive to make a better present and future for everyone on our campus."

The relocation will cost approximately $1,150,000, the money comes from private funds.

A move date for the statue has not yet been released.

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