Corning coffee group endures pandemic’s struggles

Corning coffee group endures pandemic’s struggles

CORNING, Ark. (KAIT) - A group of men meet six days a week to have a coffee and talk about the news, but most importantly, make sure every person is accounted for.

The men meet in the Corning McDonald’s parking lot with coffee in hand.

Since the pandemic began, they were forced to meet outside the restaurant.

One member, Earl Ladyman, says they’ll do whatever they can to keep their morning meetings.

“We have Vietnam Veterans here, another military here, car dealers here, factory workers here, farmers, it’s a group of good guys,” he says.

The group began meeting years ago and now has roughly 12 members.

The topics can be as far and wide as your mind can imagine.

From farming to gardening the best vegetables, cars, and more.

Besides the laughter and joking around, Ladyman says what’s important is also making sure everyone’s mental state is well.

“It’s very important to know that you have a place to go in the morning … I look forward to coming out here,” he says. “We just have a good time with one another. When we get our age, it’s just important.”

Can new members join this group? Ladyman says, yes.

“Oh yes, we’ll just make a bigger circle,” he says.

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