Missouri family is seeking justice after their son was killed on I-555

Missouri family is seeking justice after their son was killed on I-555

TYRONZA, Ark. (KAIT) - A Missouri family’s whole world changed on May 30th. Around 7 p.m., they received a call that their son Preston Brayfield was killed.

The Brayfields accuse suspected drunk driver, Kristopher Charles Gould, 26, of Mammoth Spring, of killing their son and dragging his body down Interstate-555.

”The phone rang and it wasn’t even late at night. I knew instantly something wasn’t right. It wasn’t even a late-night call. Something in my gut told me something wasn’t right,” Preston’s mother, Stacie Brayfield said.

She said the area near mile marker 11, where her son died, feels dark. The cross that sits there is only a small symbol of the life taken from her family.

“I’m hurt, I’m broken, I don’t understand why this happened,” Stacie said.

Preston was a cherished 22-year-old who loved his family and his big red truck.

“He always did the first-timers with us. He took us to Las Vegas where we were born. He was a diehard Chiefs fan and he made sure we not only got tickets but the front row at the Chief’s game,” Preston’s brother, Mason Brayfield said.

His sister who’s only 6 years younger than him said she will miss him taking her to her cheer practice.

“We fought like cats and dogs, but the thing is we still loved each other at the end of the day,” Presleigh Brayfield said.

He’s described as loving, respectful and kind and not only will be missed by his family, but also his girlfriend, Brittney Shroyer.

“I wouldn’t hang out with him for the longest time. I’ll say the first time we hung out, we stayed up till about 6′oclock in the morning in my driveway, just talking about life and stuff. Just getting to know each other. I think that was my favorite memory,” Shroyer said.

Preston was also a hard worker and he died while on the job.

“It kills me that I wasn’t there. I didn’t even know where he was at in Arkansas,” Stacie said.

Seven hours away from home in Kansas City, Missouri, Preston was hit by man, who according to an Arkansas State Police Report, was suspecting of drinking while driving.

“It’s hard to see the last place where your child took his last breath. His last breath was stolen from him and that he wasn’t just hit, he was gruesomely dismembered murdered,” Stacie said.

The Brayfields said justice has to be served.

“When those laws are broken, blatantly disregarded, people need to be held accountable, so accountability is what we are looking for,” Preston’s dad, Jason Brayfield said.

They want Gould, who is out now on a bond to be convicted of murder, saying their son should be here today.

“People keep referring to it as an accident. I don’t feel it was an accident. An accident is something that’s unavoidable. This was completely unavoidable. It was a choice and that choice stole our son from us and our future will never be the same,” Stacie said.

She said the entire family is in it for the long run. Anytime there is a court date, they will make that seven-hour drive to show that Preston was loved and that he mattered.

Court documents state Gould faces several charges in this case like felony negligent homicide and a misdemeanor charge for an open container containing alcohol in a motor vehicle.

He was released on a $5,000 bond on June 1st.

He’s expected to appear in court on July 29.

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