Sharp County, city agencies in talks to fix sinkhole in Spring River

While the next steps are unclear, county and city leaders fully expect dangerous area to be fixed soon

Sharp County, city agencies in talks to fix sinkhole in Spring River

HARDY, Ark. (KAIT) - Officials are still discussing the next steps for fixing a sinkhole in the Spring River following the drowning of a Paragould woman over the weekend.

Warning signs were put up Wednesday, including one right in front of the hole to warn those on the river.

Hardy Mayor Ernie Rose says the safety of those on the water is his number one priority, but it is challenging to know the danger areas because of the river’s changing conditions, especially after flooding.

“This year, you may go out there and say ‘it’s only a foot deep, I can walk across it,’” Mayor Rose said. “The next year, you may come out, it might be eight feet deep, or it might be three inches. We’ve seen that every time we have a flood, something changes on that river.”

In terms of fixing the sinkhole, a couple of methods that have been discussed include using an excavator or explosives to fill the hole, but nothing has been finalized yet.

Mayor Rose said the city will do what it takes to make sure people are safe when going out on the river.

He adds that if you go out on the river, you need to be sure to use caution because the river’s condition is constantly changing.

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