Jonesboro car dealerships dealing with supply and demand during COVID-19

Jonesboro car dealerships dealing with supply and demand during COVID-19

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - When COVID-19 picked up in the United States, major car manufacturers shut down plants across the nation.

However, that didn’t stop many people from buying cars.

And with the supply and demand, the back of the lot at Central GMC Buick is sitting empty.

Dustin Osment, an internet sales manager, says GMC factories were shut down to make ventilators that ultimately effected the amount of 2020 vehicles they usually receive.

While they also aren’t getting many cars on the pre-owned lot, that hasn’t stopped people from still wanting to purchase vehicles.

However, he says things have been business as usual.

“The lot is obviously a lot smaller than it normally is. There are empty spots in the back, on the side and whatnot. Probably the biggest problem I’ve had with some of my customers are ‘hey I want the white SLT with the 6-2 and this color interior. It’s really hard to find right now just because of the COVID like I said our inventory is a lot lower than normal,” Osment said.

However, less than a mile down the road, Cavenaugh Kia hasn’t necessarily seen a problem with keeping the lot full.

The majority of their factories are overseas and production has remained consistent.

“As far as we’re concerned, productions been really good. It’s not that they ramped it up or slowed it down any, it’s just been consistent. Our traffic has been very consistent, we’re up year over year, so sales have been great. We definitely appreciate the city of Jonesboro for that and all of our surrounding cities,” General Manager Dave York said.

The pandemic has helped many get a lower interest rate on vehicles, attracting more to purchase.

“COVID-19 definitely did draw down some interest rates to try to get some people stimulated to get out and buy cars,” York said.

Both dealerships agreed, that people have not stopped shopping really helping them on the sales side.

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