Jonesboro city leaders say they won’t enforce mask wearing

Jonesboro city leaders say they won’t enforce mask wearing

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The City of Jonesboro receives multiple requests daily to mandate masks in public but say they cannot enforce it.

According to Director of Communications, Bill Campbell, city officials want to encourage wearing masks.

Other cities in Arkansas passed ordinances or resolutions to require masks, but Campbell says no.

“Creating a law that’s unenforceable is a bad law,” Campbell said. “The mayor is not going out there and saying, ‘Everyone put on your masks.’ We know you can’t enforce it. Only the governor can do that.”

Campbell said those cities that try to take matters into their own hands have major issues.

“It’s at crisis levels at different parts of our state,” he added. “That’s why these cities are passing unenforceable ordinances because its desperation is what it’s telling me. They’re at desperate levels and we don’t want to reach that.”

He says they’re looking at a resolution from the Municipal League that urges people to wear masks.

Campbell added that if businesses have customers entering without a mask on to possibly have some handy to offer them.

He said responsibility remains imperative for everyone.

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