Man drowns after wading in St. Francis River

Man drowns while wading through river

DUNKLIN COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - Emergency crews responded to a drowning in the St. Francis River in Dunklin County, Missouri on Sunday, June 28.

According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, 22-year-old Roger Luttrell, of Kennett, reportedly lost his footing when he was wading in the St. Francis River and never resurfaced.

Dunklin County Sheriff Bob Holder said in a news release they contacted by Clay County, Arkansas authorities of a possible drowning at the Chalk Bluff Conservation area near Campbell, Mo. around 1:18 p.m. on Sunday.

It was reported that three males were swimming in the St. Francis River. When emergency personnel arrived on scene, Sheriff Holder said they saw two females in the water on the east side of the river. They were both holding onto tree branches. Crews also saw two males on the west side of the river sitting on the bank.

The two females were rescued from the water and the males were transported across the river to the staging area.

According to the sheriff, three members of a family were swimming across the river when one of them went under the water and didn’t resurface.

He said the surviving brother told them the water level was low in the area they were in and they could touch the bottom of the river. As they made it across the river to the other side, they approached a drop off and the water level increased and the current was swift. He said the current started to carry them downstream and one of the brothers tried to grab the other brother; however, the current was too strong and one of the brothers, identified as Roger Luttrell, went under water and was unable to resurface.

The following agencies assisted at the scene: the Dunklin County Sheriff’s Office, Clay County, Arkansas Sheriff’s Office, Clay County Rescue Squad, Campbell Police Department, Campbell Fire and Rescue Unit, Missouri State Water Patrol, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Arkansas Game and Fish Units, Medic One, Dunklin County coroner, survival flight, Missouri conservation agents and the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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