Arkansas State alum Tyler Zuber makes Royals 60-man roster

Red Wolves Raw: Tyler Zuber on making Royals 60-man roster

KANSAS CITY, MO. (KAIT) - Former Arkansas State pitcher Tyler Zuber is a little bit closer to his dreams of being a major leaguer.

Last week the MLB and the Player’s Union agreed to a deal to bring back major league for a 60 game regular season beginning in July.

As part of the agreement big league clubs will have 60 man rosters. However not all of those 60 players will be immediately up in the majors.

Zuber is among those that will be on standby mode in case of injuries or illness or anything in between.

While there is no guarantee of a call-up, Zuber says he will continue to train and prepare as if the call could come at any second.

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