Craighead County Sheriff’s Department renews ICE program

Craighead County Sheriff’s Department renews ICE program

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - It’s been one year since the Craighead County Detention Center signed its Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) program to screen potential illegal immigrants and now, they are moving forward with renewing.

The sheriff’s department’s agreement with Homeland Security, alternately known as 287(g), works to screen inmates of their citizenship status in the United States.

This solely happens after a person commits a crime, becomes arrested, and gets booked in jail.

Two trained detention officers then run the person’s name through the ICE database.

“They are employees of ours who are with a partnership with Immigration that is in the jail,” Chief Deputy Justin Rolland states. “Upon the booking process of a potential illegal alien, these two detention officers are tasked with the identification of the individual.”

This not only checks their citizenship but also the person’s criminal history.

If the person isn’t a legal citizen, ICE becomes notified.

Rolland says the inmate does not remain at the county jail for long.

The new contract with ICE will last for an additional 12 months. Then, the contract will be reassessed by ICE and Sheriff Marty Boyd to determine if the agreement will continue.

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