Super Sam’s sees success after tornado

Super Sam’s sees success after tornado

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - As the Fourth of July approaches, firework sales have been through the roof. We recently discussed the rise in fireworks sales across Region 8, and it’s no different at Super Sam’s in Jonesboro.

Super Sam’s recently remodeled their location just off of Johnson Avenue after the tornado a few months ago damaged their building.

With the tornado and the threat of COVID-19, the store wasn’t sure how well they would do once the store opened for the season in late June.

As it turns out, the store has been staying busy. Managing Partner Cameron Campbell says this is a welcomed surprise.

“It’s actually been pretty surprisingly busy,” Campbell said. “We’ve anticipated some increases because the fourth falls on a Saturday, however, it’s been even more than that. I think a lot of people are just ready to get out and do something.”

Campbell added that Super Sam’s after only being open for a little over a week has needed to order more inventory from multiple warehouses.

He says a likely reason sales have exploded is due to a majority of public city events being canceled leading to some people wanting to get out and celebrate the fourth in the comfort of their own backyard.

Campbell mentioned that in all the years Super Sam’s has been in Jonesboro, he believes this year might be his best one yet in terms of sales.

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