Tyronza community corn patch offers free corn to residents

Tyronza community corn patch offers free corn to residents

TYRONZA, Ark. (KAIT) - Tyronza residents are in for a sweet treat, just in time for those fourth of July cookouts.

The sweet corn patch in Tyronza is ready for picking, and free, for residents to enjoy!

This is the fourth year for the community corn patch, something the city started to give back to residents.

Mayor Charles Glover said they chose a corn patch because it is easier to care for than a typical community garden.

Glover said residents weren’t sure if it would work the first year, but the response is always positive and residents are excited to have the corn patch each year.

“They bring wagons and fill up with corn and take it back home and freeze,” said Glover. “We have a senior citizens place in town and people will pick corn and take it to the senior citizens for them to eat, people in town just really enjoy having our community corn patch.”

The three-acre patch of corn is donated and cared for by local farmers, all the community has to do is come and pick what they want.

Glover said the three acres offer plenty of corn for Tyronza residents to get as much as they like.

The corn patch is mainly for Tyronza residents, and the only rule is you can’t pick the corn with plans to sell it.

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