Watermelons still being sold in Cave City despite festival cancellation

Watermelons still being sold in Cave City despite festival cancellation

CAVE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - The news about the cancellation of the watermelon festival in Cave City saddened many in the community and around Region 8.

The good news is that COVID-19 will not stop watermelon season from happening.

Julie Johnson, the Event Organizer of the Cave City Watermelon Festival, says she talked with local government officials, schools, and many other organizations before they made the decision to cancel the festival for this year.

But, while the event is canceled, she says it’s a blessing to still be able to have and sell watermelons.

“They’ve all got melons in the ground and we’re going to be selling melons very soon,” Johnson said. “The fact that we can have watermelons, even in such uncertain times, it’s a good thing. I mean, it just lets people know that everything’s not turned upside down and that there [are] some things that are still normal and out there and good.”

Jon Patterson is a certified grower for the festival. Growing watermelons is one of the three hats Patterson wears during the day. In addition to growing melons, he also raises cattle and drives a dump truck to provide for his family. He says he is hard at work to provide watermelons for the community.

“That’s what the festival all started over was the watermelon and we’re still going to have them,” Patterson said. “It’s sad we’re not going to have a festival, first time we’ve ever had to do that, but it is what it is. It’s 2020, so you just have to adapt and overcome.”

Patterson says that even though the festival is canceled, the melons are still around and it’s important to support the growers. According to Patterson and Johnson, the watermelons should be ready to buy in about a week or so.

Watermelons can be bought from these certified growers:

Tim Carter Melon Farms

Miller Farms Cave City Watermelons

Perkey Farms - JW & Wendell Perkey

Edwardson Family Melons

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