New drive-in theater to open in Pocahontas Friday

James Junction to showcase 'Jaws' for first showing Friday night

New drive-in theater to open in Pocahontas Friday

POCAHONTAS, Ark. (KAIT) - Movie-goers, we have some good news for you.

A new drive-in movie theater is coming to Pocahontas, with the first showing taking place Friday night.

The drive-in, called ‘James Junction,’ is located in Pocahontas on the James Ranch on Hoelscher Lane, just off of US-62.

CineArk is a new company that is bringing the theater to Pocahontas. Graydon Carter and Joseph Berry started their company back in May. They have been putting on pop-up shows across Arkansas, with the theater here being their newest project.

The Pocahontas High School graduates have been hard at work over the past six weeks trying to get everything just right for the opening tomorrow night. They say the past few weeks have been an encouragement.

“We’re hoping that we can really fill this lot,” Carter said.

“The community response around here has been overwhelmingly positive,” Berry added. “Everyone that we’ve mentioned it to has thought ‘oh, that’s such a cool idea,’ ‘I’m excited for you guys to open.’”

The duo converted a part of the James Ranch from a hayfield to the drive-in with the projector stand, concession stand, and the screen, all being built over the past month and a half.

They say the plan is to have showings two or three times a week, with regular polls on their Facebook page to determine the schedule.

The price of admission will depend on location. The charge is $15 per vehicle for the back of the lot and $20 for the front.

So far, pre-sales have been going well, but they say there are still plenty of tickets available.

Their first showing Friday, July 10 will be a summer classic with ‘Jaws,’ followed by ‘Back to the Future’ July 11. Admissions will start at 7:30 Friday, with previews starting at 8:30.

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