Williams Baptist University students to manage hotel

Williams Baptist University students to manage hotel

WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (KAIT) - Through the Williams Baptist University’s new student work initiative known as Williams Works, the Hotel Rhea in Walnut Ridge will soon be under the management of students.

The school announced Friday that WBU recently signed a lease agreement with Snapp Family, LLC, which has operated The Hotel Rhea since buying and thoroughly renovating the facility in 2013.

“Charles, Jackie and Carrie Mae Snapp are longtime friends and supporters of WBU, and they have made available a great opportunity for our students to work and get ‘real world’ work experience in the process,” said Dr. Stan Norman, president of WBU. “The Hotel Rhea provides a welcome addition to our Williams Works program and strengthens our connection to downtown Walnut Ridge. We are very excited about this initiative.”

The Hotel Rhea is a staple on Main Street in Walnut Ridge and dates back to 1904. The hotel covered most of a city block at the time it was built, until a fire in 1914 destroyed all but the current remnant of the building. The Rhea is now a boutique hotel, with four large suites which were renovated to match the history of the facility.

Jackie Snapp, who has managed the hotel since her family acquired it, came up with the idea to have WBU students run the facility after reading about the Williams Works initiative. Jackie is a WBU graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business, and she recalls the impact Williams had during a difficult period of her life.

“At 34 years old I found myself divorced and a single mother of two. I was more than overwhelmed by other institutions. I went to Williams, and Dr. Swaim took me by the hand and got me where I needed to go. I was on my way,” she said, recalling the assistance of Dr. Jerol Swaim, a former academic dean who went on to serve as president of the school for 17 years.

“Williams was the best decision I made. It gave me the education I needed, but most importantly it gave me the self-confidence I lacked,” she said.

Jackie’s husband, Charles, is the mayor of Walnut Ridge and excited to see WBU’s increasing presence in the downtown area. “We grew up in a time when downtowns thrived, and we understand the need for revitalization of those areas. The industry is changing, and quality of life factors, like a vibrant downtown, are the future,” he said.

“Youthful direction helps establish the future of our community, not to mention the insight youthful minds bring, and that’s the future in itself,” the mayor added.

WBU announced its Williams Works initiative last fall and will welcome its first students into the program this fall. Students selected for Williams Works will work 16 hours per week during the school year, and in exchange will have their tuition and fees covered. Some will also work full-time in the summer months to cover their room and board expenses, allowing them to graduate WBU debt-free.

Brayden Brewer, a senior from Piggott, has been hired as the student manager of the Hotel Rhea.

As a finance major, Brewer has been in business courses at WBU and plans to call upon that knowledge in running the hotel.

He will be assisted by Williams Works students, who will tend to the cleaning of the hotel and other tasks as needed.

“Brayden is a fine student and a great choice to help us launch our management of the Hotel Rhea. We believe he will receive invaluable, real-world experience, as will the Williams Works students who assist him. That is just one of the many benefits of our works initiative, and we hope to have many more opportunities like this one in the years to come,” Norman said.

Those wanting to book a room or get more information can visit the hotel’s website at thehotelrhea.com.

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