Grant helps continue work on Leachville Gym Project

Grant help continue work on Leachville Gym Project

LEACHVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - Even through the COVID-19 pandemic, work continues on the Leachville Gym Project.

Crews began installing insulation in the former Leachville High School gym about a week ago.

Lisa Turner, president of the Leachville Gym Project, said the work is taking place, thanks to a grant they received.

She said it will help keep the gym warmer in the wintertime with the heating system, but said the big difference will most likely be noticed in during the summer.

“I think the summertime is the biggie,” Turner said. “That is when a lot of people like to come in and play basketball. We like to walk and we like to have a lot of events. I think it is going to make a big difference. I’m excited to see. I can already, when I go in there now and tell there has been a difference.”

Since the Buffalo Island Central School District donated the gym to the city, work is taken place to turn it into a multi-purpose community building.

Turner said the building means so much to the identity of Leachville, and the project has received support from the community.

She hopes the building will reopen soon. Right there is a wrestling event scheduled for September.

If you would like to schedule an event, you can contact Turner through the Leachville Gym Project’s Facebook page, or you can call Leachville City Hall.

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