Trumann citizens oppose dog registration fee in proposed ordinance

Trumann citizens oppose dog registration fee in proposed ordinance

TRUMANN, Ark. (KAIT) - Several Trumann citizens stood outside with their signs at Tuesday night’s city council meeting, protesting against a proposed ordinance that would require all citizens to register and pay a fee for their pets.

“We want our voices heard. We want our voices heard for our pets as well. I mean, $75 to register a pet that’s more than it cost me to register for my car,” Trumann resident Stephanie Vincent said.

The ordinance is a part of the vicious dog ordinance Councilman Matthew Miller has been working on for over seven months.

Since June’s meeting, Miller says he has met with many city officials, including the police chief, on how they could handle registering all dogs in the city.

After those conversations, he decided to change the fee from $25 to $75 and that’s what made many citizens concerned.

Ultimately, on Tuesday, he came prepared with an already adjusted ordinance. The new version getting rid of the registration process and fee as a whole.

However, before citizens even knew he planned to make the change, many gathered outside with their signs.

Vincent was a part of the group and she owns two mastiffs.

She says the ordinance simply penalizes responsible pet owners.

“Trumann needs an ordinance for pets; not with registration fees, though. We have families that live here in this town that are on fixed incomes that can’t afford $75 and those pets are an extension of their family,” Vincent said.

She also said it was important for them to show up because this is their town too and it doesn’t just belong to the council.

Councilman Miller says that he was more than willing to make the changes to the ordinance.

Miller’s new amended ordinance without the fee was sent back to the first reading.

The second reading will happen at the next scheduled meeting on Aug. 11.

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