K9 Officer euthanized following medical diagnosis

K9 Officer euthanized following medical diagnosis

BONO, Ark. (KAIT) - Bono Police Department’s K9 Tango was euthanized Monday after suffering several medical problems put him in “a lot of pain.”

Chief of Police Michael Parrish says Tango had a failing heart, kidneys, and spine issues.

That’s when Chief Parrish, Tango’s handler Officer Jeff McGinnis, and doctors decided to euthanize the K9.

McGinnis did everything with Tango from making drug arrests and conducting training, to spending time at home.

“He goes everywhere with him just about,” Parrish said. “He’s with him all the time, takes care of him at home and on the job, also. It’s a family member to him.”

Tango joined BPD eight years ago after being purchased for $9,000. He replaced a former K9 who was injured on the job.

Officer McGinnis did everything with Tango; drug arrests, training, and taking care of him at home.
Officer McGinnis did everything with Tango; drug arrests, training, and taking care of him at home. (Source: KAIT-TV)

The K9′s 2-3 checkups a year did not show any of these conditions. However, last week, Tango began having respiratory issues.

“He (McGinnis) took Tango to the vet at approximately 2 o’clock in the morning,” Parrish said. “They met him at the animal clinic and discovered that he had pneumonia.”

This first issue led to many. Animal Medical Center, 1115 S. Gee St. in Jonesboro, sent Chief Parrish this statement:

“He presented July 19, 2020, for inappetence, lethargy, and increased respiratory effort. Laboratory results reveal he suffers from renal (kidney) failure. Full body radiographs reveal he suffers from pneumonia (suspect fungal origin) as well as spondylosis in his lumbar spine. His current pneumonia has pushed him into congestive heart failure (his heart has poor contractility), and thus, he is at great risk of immediate death.”

Chief Parrish said Tango’s condition was critical. Doctors said he could have simply died from getting out of the car.

That’s when they agreed on Tango’s fate.

“Due to him being in so much pain, the doctors were saying he had to be in a lot of pain and we didn’t want him to suffer,” he said. “He’s done a great deed for the city and we did not want to see him suffer.”

Chief Parrish said the police department will not replace K9 Tango at this time.

He said Tango did a good job for the Bono Police Department.

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