Greene County Tech Primary and Preschool remembers “Peppermint Man”

Greene County Tech Primary and Preschool remembers “Peppermint Man”

PARAGOULD, Ark. (KAIT) - The Green County Tech Primary and Pre-school are mourning the loss of one of their own.

He wasn’t a teacher, a student, or a staff member, but a man they all called “Peppermint Man.”

“Just by walking down the hall in the mornings with a smile on his face and peppermint in his pocket to share, he brightened our day. He will be missed by everyone,” Rebecca Stallings, Greene County Tech Primary School Teacher, said.

Alvin Miller was affectionately known as “Peppermint Man” or “Peppermint Papa.”

He passed away Saturday, and Stallings said his legacy will live on forever.

“I met Mr. Alvin about six years ago, I was teaching pre-school at the time and his great-grandson, who he was raising was in my class,” Stallings said. “From the moment I met him, he was just very personable. He and Mrs. Betty took such good care of those boys, and they love them, and they were so proud of them.”

Stallings remembered the day like it was yesterday.

She was the preschool teacher for both of Miller’s great-grandsons, which allowed her to see Miller quite often.

But, he wasn’t hard to find, you could easily catch him walking the halls almost daily.

“Positive and cheerful, he just had the best laugh and smile. He was just known for passing out peppermints,” Stallings said.

“Peppermint Man” was so loved, Mrs. Stallings’ class threw him a surprise party two years ago to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Stallings said from going on field trips to sitting on the bench waiting on the school doors to open, Mr. Alvin made life at Greene County Tech Primary and Preschool much brighter.

“I will never look at one of those soft peppermints without thinking of Mr.

Alvin, and that inspires me to do good to others. Even his small acts of kindness just made such a big difference,” Stallings said. “That’s something we all could do in other people’s lives, brighten their day. He was a day brightener. He was a difference-maker.”

She added from here on out, she will keep those peppermints in her classroom as a small reminder that you can do small things to make a person’s day.

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