School to buy school supplies for students for flat fee

School to buy school supplies for students for flat fee

LAKE CITY, Ark. (KAIT) - Whether kids are going to be in class physically or attending classes virtually, they will need school supplies.

In Lake City, Riverside West Elementary School is hoping to make the process of getting supplies easier for parents.

This year, instead of sending out school supply lists, West Elementary School is asking parents to send $25 to cover the supplies for the whole year.

Principal Lee Ann Harrell said this is something they have been doing for kids in kindergarten through third-grade for some time now.

With the money, the school will buy the supplies and give each student their own packet of supplies.

They will not be allowed to share supplies due to COVID-19.

“This will also help because we are not going to use lockers this year, and this will be kept in their classrooms,” Harrell said.

Teachers will swap classrooms this year instead of students.

She admits that $25 may be a lot for families, especially if they have multiple kids

“We will let them pay out their $25, all they have to do is contact their child’s teacher.”

The community has also stepped up and volunteered to sponsor children and donate to the fund.

And if parents cannot afford to send in the money, Harrell said not to worry.

“A can assure you, whether or not you can afford the $25 or not, your child will be taken care of for school supplies and for their safety,” Harrell said. “So don’t worry if you don’t have any money. Your child will still have supplies.”

Riverside West faculty has decided due to the concerns of Covid 19 and the safety of our students that we will not have...

Posted by Riverside West Elementary on Saturday, July 25, 2020

The only thing the school is asking you to buy this year is a backpack, unless you have a first-grader, for your child and a set of headphones, unless you have a kindergartner or a first-grader.

School supplies will also be available to students who take park in the Riverside Online Classroom program.

Harrell said the community of Lake City steps up and supports their school every year.

If you want to sponsor a child’s school supplies, you can send $25 to the school.

According to a Facebook post, Riverside East Elementary School in Caraway released their school supply list for students but also said if parents would rather avoid going to the store, they can send $25 to the school so they can get supplies for that child.

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Posted by Riverside East Elementary on Wednesday, July 22, 2020

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