Two Jonesboro Public Schools teachers deal with unemployment fraud

Two Jonesboro Public Schools teachers deal with unemployment fraud

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - A pair of Jonesboro Public Schools teachers are part of a large number of people dealing with unemployment fraud in Jonesboro.

On Thursday, 36 new unemployment fraud cases were reported from Jonesboro Police Department.

Dejean Brown, a teacher with JPS, was told about his unemployment fraud case last week.

Brown got a call from the school’s human resources department, asking if he had filed a claim for unemployment benefits.

Brown was told the school would take care of things on their end, but he still had a list of things he needed to do in the case.

Brown says thankfully, he was notified before anything was taken from his account, but he’s still worried that someone has access to his information.

“It really makes me worry what else could they use my information for whether it’s to apply for a home loan somewhere else, credit card, or anything else that can be attached to my name and my financial status,” said Brown.

Another JPS teacher found out about an unemployment fraud claim with her information on Thursday.

“Just this morning, I got a call from our human resources department saying that someone had filed an unemployment claim in my name,” said Beth Avery.

Teachers with JPS will be back at school starting next week, and Avery is spending her last few days before going back going through the same list Brown went through last week.

Avery said it’s not only frustrating having to deal with the fraud case, but all of these cases take away from those who actually need the unemployment benefits.

“It’s really sad because I know there are so many families out there struggling right now, who are out of work and I fortunately have been able to work from home, but it really just distracts from those who I know really need those resources,” said Avery.

Brown says from now on, he will be taking extra steps to better protect his information, like asking for a yearly credit report and watching what he spends through online services.

Avery said it’s also important to know that an unemployment claim might not show up on your credit report, so it’s important to keep up with where you are sharing your information and keeping it safe.

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