Volunteer teacher and student bond through pandemic

Volunteer teacher and student bond through pandemic

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The pandemic has stopped people from interacting in person, but one volunteer at the Hispanic Center went above and beyond to ensure her student learned.

Antoni “Toni” Martinez and his teacher, Mary Beth Smith, were paired up in May.

Their lessons were done over the phone due to the pandemic restricting face-to-face tutoring. Smith went above and beyond to make sure Toni had his needed materials.

“I made him a little calendar. Every day, we get on, we put what day it is, what the weather’s like and stuff like that,” she said. “That’s probably been the thing I’ve loved seeing him grow in most.”

The two created a bond over time and had fun while doing it by creating activities for Toni.

“We’ve done math, reading, writing, phonics,” she said.

Toni can count aloud from one to 10, name the months in the year, and the days of the week.

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