American Red Cross looking for temporary volunteers

Temporary Red Cross volunteers needed

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The American Red Cross shows up to the scene when disasters strike, but due to COVID-19, temporary volunteers are needed more than ever.

Temporary volunteers get shorter training and do not have to be in the permanent rotation roster unless they want to decide to.

Kandy Hart is a volunteer with the disaster relief team. She headed to the East Coast on Wednesday due to Hurricane Isaias.

She said due to COVID-19, more shelters are needed in the disaster zone due to the lack of hotel availability, and they are needed to keep people more separated.

“So we had to have more people on the ground, running the shelters,” Hart said. “So, we are, we are putting forth the effort. Now, we are trying to get as many and temporary volunteers.”

They will do things like shelter registration, feeding and greeting.

Hart said temporary volunteers will commit to only 14 days in the field.

When it comes to training, she said the temporary volunteers will only have to take three hours of training to get them ready to run the extra shelter.

If you want to volunteer, click here.

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