Generating revenue discussed at shooting sports complex committee meeting

Generating revenue discussed at shooting sports complex committee meeting

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The Jonesboro Shooting Sports Complex Committee met for the third time Thursday night.

One of the main topics the committee discussed revolved around looking to generate revenue for the complex.

The committee discussed about getting businesses to buy naming rights for the trap and skeet fields.

According to committee chairman Bob Robertson, during the last meeting, members discussed the approximate cost for the naming rights of the trap and combination skeet and trap fields.

“The numbers we came up with was $5,000 a year for a 10-year commitment for the trap-only fields,” Robertson said. “$7,500 a year for a 10-year commitment for the combination trap/skeet fields.”

Police Chief Rick Elliott said he needed to have some sort of commitments from businesses or from individuals to show the city council that money is starting to be committed privately.

He said that currently only City Water and Light has committed money for the complex.

“But, we hadn’t been to the point of reality as we are now,” Elliott said. “The reality is that we actually have structure, we have a facility now that is essentially functional, so we are not just buying a concept in paper or investing on a concept on paper.”

Several committee members asked for something physical like a brochure, Power Point, or video to show potential sponsors the facility they would potentially put their names on.

Parks and Recreation Director Danny Kapales said if companies wanted to go ahead and sign up to buy naming rights now, they could get a few months of free advertising since they would not start asking for naming rights payment until the start of 2021.

The complex is still slated to open in fall 2020.

The committee was tasked to come up with at least 10 potential sponsors so a list can be compiled and talks can begin.

The committee will meet again on Aug. 27.

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