Cardwell Fire Dept. raising money for new building

Fundraising for new fire shed

CARDWELL, Mo. (KAIT) - The Cardwell Fire Department is looking to raise funds to build a new building to house their trucks, and they are reaching out to people out of state for help.

Fire Chief Brandon Cupp contacted some firefighters and police officers in New York that have started a crowdfunding platform specifically for first responders, firefighters, police officers, nurses, and others called Fund the First.

So, the fire department started a campaign to help raise $40,000 to build a new fire shed and some equipment.

Chief Cupp said the building will cost around $30,000 and the rest will go to getting equipment.

The current shed only hold two of the department’s three trucks.

“Our pumper kind of sits out with the elements,” Cupp said. “That’s our biggest goal to get a shed where it’s not being damaged by the snow, ice, or rain, anything like that.”

Cupp also said that with the new building and equipment, it could help cut down on run times, having everything in one area, which could save lives.

“30 seconds can save a life,” Cupp said “If somebody is in smoke 30 seconds less, we might be able to save the life more. We might be able to save their house if we’re there 30 seconds quicker.”

If you would like to donate to the Cardwell Fire Department’s fundraiser, click here.

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