Committee meets to discuss future of funding SkyCops

Committee meets to discuss future of funding SkyCops

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - The first Jonesboro Skycop cameras went up in October 2019 and now, the city has 12.

The Jonesboro Police Department is looking to add more, but with the help of the community and a newly formed committee.

The committee will focus a lot on money and how they can create different fundraisers for donations and private funding to install more SkyCops.

Thursday was the first meeting and many were unable to attend. However, Police Chief Rick Elliott presented to those in attendance the purpose, quality and benefit of the cameras.

He says he has five areas where he would like to see cameras go up and he is open to discussing other areas with businesses and sponsors, when funds are put up.

Elliott says he needs help in finding other revenue sources, other than from the city’s budget.

”I can’t go out and buy these next five cameras right now... There are other needs in the city also. Just like any business, you have to take what’s most important and pay for what you can,” Elliott said.

Elliott also said that the cameras have been a big help in making community members feel safe knowing someone is always watching, but also help in fighting crime.

In June alone, between the Skycops and intersection cameras, of 22 incidents referenced, the department was able to make 16 positive verifications.

He says having the cameras is about being proactive, instead of reactive.

The committee will meet again next month to continue to work out logistics.

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