Butler County Health Department receives rapid COVID testing machine

Butler County Health Department receives rapid COVID testing machine

POPLAR BLUFF, Mo. (KFVS) - Many people are complaining about slow test results, but not in Butler County, the health department received a new rapid testing machine.

“We’re super excited about having the Abbot machine,” said Amanda Fitzwater, Butler County Health Department Operations Director.

This machine may not look like much, but Fitzwater said it’s a lifesaver.

“It’s easier for us to get people in and get tested and get that result in 20 minutes. So that’s where we’re kind of cutting out waiting that long period of time to get the results from the laboratory,” she said.

Although, this isn’t the first time the health department has had the rapid COVID-19 test, they used to share with Dunklin County.

“Even when we would switch it we have instances come up and we were like ‘oh man we need the rapid machine.’ so, the state has really stepped up and offered that machine and we got extra test and so the state really helped us out in that and helping our community out too,” she said.

Fitzwater said now that they have their own the timing couldn’t have been better.

“School’s starting up and it’s just gonna be one of those things where a kid is sick and they came into contact with so many other people and then now at this point we can get them in and run the rapid test and have the result,” she said.

She said they are testing more people each day, so don’t be alarmed if the numbers rise.

“So yeah, we are going to see the numbers go up. It’s not a terrible thing it just means we are looking in the right direction, we’re testing the right people and we are getting them quarantined and getting their close contacts quarantined too,” she said.

If you are interested in the rapid COVID-19 test you can call the health department for an appointment, 573-785-8478.

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