Food Bank of NEA prepares for backpack program to start with school

Food Bank of NEA prepares for backpack program to start with school

JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - With school starting later this month, the Food Bank of NEA is preparing to help schools through their backpack program.

The food bank has been working with schools since they closed back in March, providing food boxes for families in need.

CEO of the Food Bank of NEA Christie Jordan said they haven't heard definitively there's going to be an increase in need for the program from schools.

If there is, the food bank is still available to provide for those in need, but the support might not come from the backpack program.

“Our backpack program serves about 1,200 households right now and that has tapped out our budget for our backpack program,” said Jordan. “But we do have food pantry programs throughout Northeast Arkansas and are also working to try and connect schools with local food pantries so there are resources that families can access.”

The backpack program costs around $150 per child per school year, and the food bank would need more funding for the program to add more students.

Jordan said they are communicating with schools in the area to see what they may need during this unusual school year.

To learn more about the backpack program, click here.

If you would like to donate food or money, or would like to volunteer with the food bank, click here.

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