Arkansas State plans to play Bonner & Hatcher at QB Saturday vs. Memphis

Arkansas State plans to play Bonner & Hatcher at QB, Memphis head coach breaks down Red Wolves
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JONESBORO, Ark. (KAIT) - OR is listed at QB1 between Logan Bonner and Layne Hatcher on the Arkansas State depth chart.

Head coach Blake Anderson explained more details in Monday’s press conference. Both will see the field at Memphis:

“Logan Bonner was the starter going into fall camp, and he still is. He did nothing to lose that job. We are going to play Layne Hatcher some as well. How many snaps it is, where that happens, not absolutely certain, that’s still a day-to-day conversation. In today’s time with the threat of injury and the threat of close contact, COVID-19 testing, we just have talked a lot about it. We feel the need to have them both ready at a high level. They both play at a high level. Logan Bonner is going to go out first series, and then somewhere during the course of the game you’ll see Layne Hatcher play. He’s earned that opportunity. He’s one of the hardest working dudes I’ve ever seen, he’s earned the respect of this football team. But it’s clear that Logan is the starter, he has done nothing to lose that job. They work well together, so you’ll see them both. It’s not something that I’ve never done before, just not something you typically either do or need to do. But this particular year, I can see the value of having both those guys oiled up and ready at a high level. They both play at a high level right now. I think the best way to keep them playing at a high level is to allow Layne to get some reps, however many that may be.”

Anderson also provided updates off the field. No Red Wolves tested positive from Saturday’s COVID-19 results. They’ll test again on Wednesday before the Memphis matchup. A-State also held a unity march Monday morning, student-athletes using their voices on social & racial issues.

“We prayed the other day as a group just kinda lifting up all those across the country that have dealing with racial injustice and social injustice,” Anderson addded. “Our guys, they kinda got together collectively and said they wanted to do something other than just take a picture, or just have a march. They actually wanted to take some steps. And one of those is, coach, we want to be educated on how to vote. And why to vote, and start the process of getting registered to vote. We got black players in this building that are under my supervision. Their parents trusted us to raise them up over the next 5 years. And we want them to know that they’re supported. They know that there’s always somebody here that cares about them, whether they’re playing football or not.”

Arkansas State faces Memphis Saturday at 7:00pm at the Liberty Bowl. The game will be nationally televised on ESPN.

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