Searcy Public Schools navigate learning virtually

Searcy Public Schools navigate learning virtually
(Source: Searcy Public Schools via Facebook)

SEARCY, Ark. (KAIT) - Many school districts across Arkansas continue to navigating virtual learning as they enter the second week of school.

According to content partner KARK, they reached out to Searcy Public Schools to see how students are responding to virtual learning.

“I always say in the Library that you guys were born in a digital world and they know how to use it, but we have to make sure they are using it correctly,” said Brooke Higgs, the Media Specialist.

Higgs helps students, parents and teachers when the learning connection drops.

Patti Kitts, instructional technology facilitator for the district, says that they have helped with problems ranging from forgotten passwords to lessons not loading in the first two weeks.

“That’s something we ran into even this week somebody said ‘hey, I can’t watch this’ or ‘Do this’ and once we had them update their browser, things ran perfectly,” said Kitts.

Kitts also says if there are any issues parents can’t troubleshoot, they can contact a teacher who will refer them to someone who can.

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