Students and teachers notice WIFI issues at school

Updated: Sep. 4, 2020 at 6:04 PM CDT
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BROOKLAND, Ark. (KAIT) - The Brookland School District’s internet access dramatically declined last week, due to a fiber line being cut near the school.

The issues stemmed from an outside agency working on campus accidentally cutting the line.

According to technology director Eric Boyles, the line was severed. The department then got to work, rerouting the internet for the school buildings affected.

The Pre-K, Elementary, and Middle School feel the issue the most, but the slow internet speeds are felt by many.

Typically, the school’s internet speeds are 10 gigs. Now, they’re at 1 gig. With much of the school being online, many are frustrated.

“We’re working on it during school hours. We’re working on it after hours. I think it basically our whole department’s life right now to try and get it all going,” he said.

The way the campus’s buildings were constructed, many roofs do not allow a cellular signal to get out.

This then makes students and faculty rely on WiFi to get cellular signals out. With the WiFiissues, this affects communication school wide.

Students using hotspots provided by the school also feel these effects. These work off of cellular data.

Inside the school, the lack of signal and WiFi usage makes these useless.

Boyles said these hotspots should work fine outside of the school and at students’ homes.

The school is now working with outside agencies to get the cut fiber line fixed.

The rerouted internet should have better upload and download speeds, starting early next week.

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