Pocahontas School District prepares for all-virtual day

School will hold Virtual Days September 23, October 23, and October 26

Pocahontas School District prepares for all-virtual day

POCAHONTAS, Ark. (KAIT) - The Pocahontas School District is adapting to the pandemic by having virtual days throughout the year.

Superintendent Jerry Martens says he wants the school to be as prepared as possible if the district is forced to move to virtual-only learning at any point during the year.

On these virtual days, parents are being asked to keep students at home to practice being virtual learners for a day.

Supt. Martens says this is to test out the technology and work out any potential issues that may come up. He says these days will be beneficial to students, parents, and teachers.

“Just like a coach having a practice, you get to see where the problems are and then you get a chance to fix them before you get to actual game time," Supt. Martens said. "This is our practice, where we get a chance to see what’s not going to work, so we can fix it before we actually get to virtual learning.”

The first Virtual Day will be Wednesday, September 23.

Supt. Martens says the school will have it in the middle of the week to remind the students of the day, as well as give teachers extra time to prepare.

He adds that while school will be virtual, the buildings will not be closed.

This means if students are unable to learn from home, they can still be at the school, but they will need someone available for drop-off and pickup as buses will not be running during virtual days.

Breakfast and lunch will also be provided at the school. Parents will need to pick up the meals at the school after submitting a form.

Supt. Martens says the district is “fully expecting” there to be unforeseen issues, but he says these days will help work out those kinks and help the district stay prepared.

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