Independence County school districts face challenges of finding substitutes

Independence County school districts face challenges of finding substitutes

INDEPENDENCE CO., Ark. (KAIT) - Several Independence County school districts are seeing many of their instructors hit by COVID-19 or either forced to quarantine because of close contact.

The Cedar Ridge School District announced early in the week that it would evaluate if the high school would return next week if they have enough subs to cover in-person classes.

Another one of those districts include the Batesville School District. Assistant Superintendent David Campbell says the process has been all-hands-on deck.

From other teachers to coaches and even classified aides, they all have been pitching in to make sure class is covered.

But, he says just like the other districts they are finding ways to make it work even if there are concerns with finding substitutes.

“The problem is that all the schools pull from the same sub-source. So, it has been an issue, fortunately, though Batesville School District has been able to handle the situation. We’ve been very creative with covering the classes. So, right now, it’s not a crisis, but it is an issue we are concerned about.," Campbell said.

Some of those creative ways include bringing in three large tents for some of the larger schools, allowing more space but also alternative classroom venues.

Campbell says it also helps that they are a 1 to 1 school district and many of the teachers can still teach from home.

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