Cherokee Village plans cleanup of trailer park area

Cherokee Village plans cleanup of trailer park area

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, Ark. (KAIT) - Cherokee Village wants to improve the area known as the Santa Fe Addition.

The area is located near the Sharp County Regional Airport, and mobile homes mostly make up that portion of the city.

A special meeting was held at the Omaha Center Monday night to discuss the future plans of the area.

While some of the homes are in good shape, others have damages to them. The city has left notices on some of the homes with the intention to raze and remove them, with additional homes being surveyed.

“Personally, when I first visited the area which was in the early 70s, most of the occupants out there and their residences were in nice shape,” Mayor Russ Stokes said. “But over time, those things have deteriorated, in some cases, they’ve not been kept up like they need to be.”

City officials say they want to “revitalize” the neighborhoods there. They say this could be a template that may be used for the rest of Cherokee Village.

The city has already begun some of the cleanup process, including fixing potholes and establishing a neighborhood watch, but officials want to do more to clean up the area, including adding additional equipment and a playground to a nearby park.

Citizens at the meeting gave their input, and many were on board with the idea, but some had questions, including the effectiveness of raze and removal.

Officials say it’s going to take a team effort in the hopes to improve the quality of life in the Santa Fe Addition.

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