Be a Bella: Isabella Floyd’s comeback inspires Batesville volleyball & more

Be a Bella: Isabella Floyd’s comeback inspires Batesville volleyball & more
Region 8 Sports Extra: Isabella Floyd on comeback, Batesville VB coach Tanya Haigwood on Bella

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - Isabella Floyd played in the 2018 state volleyball finals as a freshman. She’s led Batesville in assists in each of the last 2 seasons.

This offseason was anything but normal for more reasons than a pandemic.

“March 29th, 2020, me and a couple friends went riding around because it was sunny outside, we were quarantined. One was in a four wheeler out in front of us, there was one in a ATV with me. As we were driving, we hit a puddle and started hydroplaning. It fell on the drivers side, and my arm got caught under the ATV and we slid for like 20 yards. When it finally stopped, my friend was on the outside, and the one on the four wheeler came out and they lifted it up off of me. My legs were under it, I was trapped. She called her parents, who called mine, and a ambulance. Me and my other friend just sat there and prayed. We went the hospital and I got flown to Children’s Hospital.”

Doctors at Children’s Hospital decided to amputate most of Floyd’s left arm.

Friends and family celebrated her return home with a parade. But that’s not the only return Floyd had in mind. A visit last month to Jonesboro Prostethic & Orthotic resulted in a new prosthesis and possibility.

Six months after losing part of her arm, Floyd is helping Batesville win matches in volleyball and tennis.

#BeaBella is more than a hashtag: It’s inspired people on and off the court. Her story has gone national, Floyd has been profiled by HUDL & PrepVolleyball.

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