Following crash, official discusses Railroad Crossing safety

Following crash, official discusses Railroad Crossing safety

Sheriff Terry Miller said in an update, the person injured is now out of the hospital.

Many railroad crossings in Clay County do not have arms or lights, but simply a stop sign, according to County Judge Mike Patterson.

The crash on CR 342 happened on Union Pacific tracks. Judge Patterson said Union Pacific decides which crossings get arms and lights, and which ones do not.

“It’s sad to say, but a lot of times it takes deaths to get the crossings with arms and lights. That’s a sad situation,” he said.

He said the county has been in the process of adding arms and lights to the Peco Road crossing for years near Corning.

Even with a secured federal grant, it’s still an ongoing process. Drivers getting hit by trains can be common in rural Northeast Arkansas.

“I know one man who got hit three times before he ended up dead. A lot of times, people don’t get three chances, they get one,” he said.

Judge Patterson said with harvest now in full swing, 18-wheeler drivers and tractor drivers need to pay attention at these crossings without warnings.

“We need to be extra cautious with our families crossing these railroads because these trains a lot of times are going 50, 60 miles per hour and before you know it, they get right up on you before you can get off the tracks,” he said.

It’s important to stop, look, and listen when approaching any railroad crossings, officials said.

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