Not just Halloween masks will be worn at Pumpkin Hollow

Not just Halloween masks will be worn at Pumpkin Hollow

ST. FRANCIS, Ark. (KAIT) - A beloved Halloween attraction in Clay County plans to open this weekend. While being in a pandemic, they’ve had to work hard to ensure safety.

Pumpkin Hollow worked over a month on a plan for their facilities to be approved by the Arkansas Department of Health.

While there will still be many attractions, a mask will be required for some parts.

On the 75-acre farm, owner Ellen Dalton said people can easily socially distance, and if you want to skirt around the crowds, you can even go to the pumpkin patch to get your own pumpkin.

“There’s a lot of open spaces here and when you’re out in those open spaces and it’s just your family group, you can take them off for a little while,” she said.

If you’re inside any facility, a mask will be required. If social distancing cannot be achieved in the outdoors, a mask will be required then, too.

“Do what you do everywhere else. We have to go by these safety guidelines, or we will not be able to stay open, so we ask our visitors to respect that,” she said.

A mask inside the haunted houses is mandatory.

“Absolutely in the buildings, without exception in these haunted attractions, everybody has to have a mask on,” she said.

Capacity limits will be enforced inside the haunted attractions.

A majority of Pumpkin Hollow opens Sept. 19, while the haunted attractions open Sept. 26.

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